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DefenPol 2020 the 5th China Defense & Police Exhibition
17-18 July 2020

NICEC · Guangzhou

Snow Leopard

Iran buyer

Turkey buyer

DefenPol China 2020 , which was held on 17-18 July at NICEC (Guangzhou ), attracted military sources and buyers from nine countries(Bangladesh , Turkish , Singapore, Iran, Israel, Germany, Jordan, Russia, Japan).
Nearly hundred Chinese and foreign exhibitors, most of which are military industrial enterprises or some developing corporation. There were nearly thousand exhibits on displaying, visitors from Air force, Army, Navy Training Command, China's People's Liberation Army Rocket Force (PLARF), Snow Leopard , Southern and Northern Theater Command, Guangzhou Public Security Bureau etc.

DefenPol forum

Volger stun gun


In recent years, China become the world's third largest arms exporter exceed France and Germany. In addition, Beijing unveiled a new negative list for foreign investment in the country's pilot free trade zones (FTZs), will be effective starting July 28, 2018, weapon and ammunition manufacture are not included in this list.
Guangdong is an old-line business city and Chinese export main center, which is good for developing military trade market.
The organizer of DefenPol China plan to focus on military trade market, bring in vast oversea buyers and advanced technology of military and civilian integration, try to find a Chinese feature road.
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